Actual case study

as the perfect partner.

We have been part of the working methodology of this professional football club for 2 years. This has allowed us to test, measure and evaluate key aspects of the product. In addition, the product guarantees a realistic monitoring of the players development of technique and accuracy.

Know This First

Approaching the validation of both the product and the methodology.

Our methodology is based on the generation of cognitive stimulus that require fast and precise decision-making. The reiterated work of this sequence of skills, supported by the motivation involved in measuring the player, are the main bases of the infinite range of exercises that can be designed.

What we obtain

Individual development

Progress visualisation in each player. We measure constantly doing tests.

Average deviation

We set a team average in order to compare the position and evolution of each player.

Compare teams

We not only compare players from the same team but we compare different teams.

Problem detection

It help you find the skills each player should improve.

Stress management

It has a stress component to it. We learn who performs better under a certain level of stress.

Not only skills

Beyond data, multiple conclusions can be drawn by watching the player perform.

Software de Futboltek

We decided to move forward.

We are working on

data automation.